Subject & Topics of Interest

Building Smart (City) Applications has been a research domain for several years now. However, what we are interested in, in the context of this mini-track, is how the concepts and ideas of Smart Applications are realized, especially from a software engineering point of view.

Thus, we are looking for manuscripts on planned, currently developed, and/or already finished Smart Application, IoT and Industry 4.0 projects, feasibility studies of all domains, and evaluations of such applications in the real world. We want to see which architectures, frameworks, platforms and infrastructures seem to be particularly successful.

The user community for smart applications is characterized by different stakeholders: from researchers to policy makers to the general public. Thus, it is crucial to achieve easy-to-use end-to-end solutions, which support the diverse roles in these communities and their different interests and knowledge about smart applications. Such concepts are considered in so-called science gateways (also known as virtual laboratories or virtual research environments), which by definition serve communities with end-to-end solutions tailored specifically to their needs.

Software challenges for smart applications are broad, not only in regard to the breadth of the community, but also to the breadth of topics. A specific focus of this mini-track is on how to deal with the details of scenarios like handling huge data sets, high usage loads, complex event processing on real-time data streams, sharing data between applications, security and so forth. We also look for disruptive technologies, which influence Smart (City) Applications development, e.g. 5G networks, Spatial Computing, Blockchain, Conversational Computing and Autonomous Vehicles.

Consequently, we anticipate submissions not limited to but in the scope of the following topics:

  • System Architectures for Smart Application and Industry 4.0
  • Best practices and Key Success Factors in Smart Application Development
  • Platforms for Smart Applications
  • Smart Applications for Smarter Government
  • Data-hubs and their roles in Smart Application Developments
  • Easy-to-use end-to-end solutions for Smart Applications
  • Web services for Smart Applications
  • Real-time data analytics and machine learning in practice
  • Successful Smart Application Project Management
  • Infrastructures for Smart Applications
  • Securing Smart Applications and Sensor Networks
  • Promoting Smart Applications
  • Digital Twin technology for Smart Cities

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